Dynamic FAQs for Self-Service and Contact Deflection

Dynamic FAQs for Self-Service and Contact Deflection

With dynamic FAQs, customers no longer need to leave the page to get smart, instant answers to their questions. DigiDesk’s FAQs module uses contextual mapping from the webpage to present the most relevant articles to the user.

This means your customers can get instant answers to their queries without having to raise a support ticket or start a live chat. As a result, we can see a number of positive impacts to the customer journey:

  1. Site abandonment drops
  2. Encourages self-service
  3. Contact deflection increases
  4. Sales conversion increases
  5. Customer satisfaction increases

How do you ensure Articles are relevant to the user?

Tags can be defined and set up for each page of your website. This means that wherever the customer is on your website, when they click on FAQs, the most relevant Articles will appear in the FAQs Home Page.

The user can still use the Search function. And can still navigate the FAQs, clicking on Related Articles, as necessary. You can also decide whether to show just 5 relevant articles, or use a ‘See More’ option to display further Articles.

How does the Search Function work?

A number of specific tags will be set up for each page of your website. This ensures that the most relevant Articles are displayed to the user. However, the Search function will also use these tags to return the most relevant Articles.

Additionally, we can configure a match on any keywords that are entered within the Search box. Lastly, we have an Article Rating system, which can also be used to make sure we return the most relevant and helpful Articles.

Can Users Rate the Articles?

Yes. We have a standard Article Rating system that captures a rating from, for example, 1-5 stars. You can also capture a verbatim comment for each Article, if (for example) the rating is below 3 stars – i.e. how can we improve this article?

All customer ratings and comments are fed into a real-time reporting system to enable you to review user scores and comment, per article. We can also use this rating system to display more ‘helpful’ articles at the very top of Article lists.

Can you Integrate FAQs into Live Chat?

Yes. As standard, our FAQs solution is integrated into DigiDesk, where customers can navigate the FAQs and then select a Live Chat option to talk to your Chat Team. We can also provide dynamic contact options for Voice and Email.

The real benefit of this integration is that as Agents answer Chat sessions, they will be able to view the ‘Chat Journey’. This shows which web pages have been visited, which FAQs have been reviewed and even a geographic location!

I’m interested, what are my next steps?

Dynamic FAQs are a great way to encourage self-service and increase contact deflection. If you’re interested in getting a POC (proof of concept) solution up and running quickly, please feel free to contact us for more information.

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