6 Golden Rules For Multi-Channel Customer Engagement

6 Golden Rules For Multi-Channel Customer Engagement

In today’s omni-channel world, we need to be able to manage successful conversations with our customers across multiple contact points. Contact centres need to be able to offer a responsive, consistent and effective service across voice, email, chat and social media channels.

Here are our six golden rules for successful multi-channel conversations:

1. Real-Time MI

More than ever, we need a set of real-time views. Not just a contact centre wallboard that shows us we have 23 calls in a queue! But, a range of views that show us which channels are busy and what key topics are trending.

With advanced text analytics and sentiment analysis we can quickly identify issues that are trending across social media, email and chat. We can understand root causes in real-time and deliver resolutions more quickly.

2. Universal Queue

By using a single platform to manage voice, email, chat and social media, all customer contacts come into a universal queue. This gives us the potential to distribute contacts across a number of teams or multi-skilled agents.

If we have a spike in inbound calls, we can easily pause outbound activity and move agents in to help manage the volume. If we see a spike on social media, we can move agents from email or chat teams to help with social customer care.

3. Consistency across Channel

The key for agents to be able to manage multiple contact channels is consistency. Whether it’s a voice call, a chat session, a customer email or a Facebook private message, agents should feel comfortable engaging with the customer.

Our agent workplace enables a consistent agent experience, across voice, email, chat and social media channels. Agents get a consistent look and feel, with the same relevant contact details and information for each customer contact.

4. Threaded Conversation History

Whenever a customer contacts you, agents need to be able to access a threaded conversation history. They need to know the last time a customer called in and which agent they spoke to, with any associated notes or information.

Through a joined up digital profile, agents can also see previous email contacts or chat sessions. With connected social accounts, agents can even see past tweets, posts and messages from a customer, with related sentiment scores.

5. Powerful Engagement

Agents need a powerful engagement workplace. They need a consistent experience across channel. They need quick and easy access to customer details and conversation history. But, they also need to engage quickly and effectively.

Our agent workplace makes it simple to reply, add notes and tag certain activity. Agents can use templated responses and identify key customers or influencers. All with a set of agent-level KPIs to monitor their own performance in real-time.

6. Reporting and Audit Trail

All of that real-time MI is powerful. But, we also need a set of reports to measure cross-channel performance, individual team and agent performance and enable us to report on a range of key topics with associated sentiment analysis.

All of our reports can be scheduled on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. And a full audit trail of every customer contact, every agent reply and every interaction across the platform is available for full accountability and assurance.

DigiDesk has been designed to help contact centres manage customer conversations across voice, email, chat and social media channels. If you would like to arrange a quick overview and demo of the platform, please click here.


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