Introducing Agent Knowledge Base

DigiDesk Launches Agent Knowledge Base

Following our recent introduction of a customer-facing dynamic FAQs module, we have leveraged that same technology to now offer an internal agent knowledge base within DigiDesk.

A knowledge base is a system that harnesses useful information, insights and various attachments to help advisors provide better service to customers. It can also be used to generate valuable real-time insight.

Here, we outline some of the key features of the DigiDesk knowledge base:

Add / Edit / Maintain Articles

DigiDesk allows the creation of an agent knowledge base from scratch, self-care. Administrators can create, edit and maintain articles through an advanced text editor, with images, videos, links and other attachments.

Articles can be scheduled for release and expiry. Keywords can be set up to work with the search function (see below) and can be defined as top articles or given a priority setting for displaying relevant articles in order.

Displaying Articles within AWP

Our Agent Workplace provides instant access to the knowledge base through a pop up window. Agents can navigate to articles through a category structure or admins can define a list of top (most useful) articles to display.

Agents can then review the help articles, clicking on links and opening attachments, as necessary. Multiple articles can be opened in new windows and related articles can be displayed for further access to relevant information.

Advanced Search Function

Agents can also use the search function to return a list of relevant help articles. The search function will look for matching keywords from article titles, article content and a defined list of keywords for each article.

The search function also benefits from phonetic matching and ability to match search term plurals and extensions. We also leverage keyword tables, where a list of specific search terms and phrases will match user-defined articles.

Article Ratings & Comments

Each of the internal help articles can be given a star rating by agents, along with a comment – i.e. where agent’s can be encouraged to provide ‘constructive’ feedback for each knowledge base article.

All agent ratings and comments can be driven into our live dashboards (see below) and reviewed via a range of reports. This helps to continually improve and enhance the content held within the knowledge base.

Real-Time Monitoring

DigiDesk offers a range of analysis widgets to track internal use of the knowledge base, from how many agents are using the system, to which articles are being viewed and even which terms agents are searching on.

This provides powerful, real-time insight for the content centre. As with external FAQs, supervisors can track what knowledge agents are needing to provide to customers and keep track of the day’s ‘hot topics’!

Providing your agents with a smart, accessible, knowledge base is a great way to improve customer service and increase contact resolution. 

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Start A Conversation That Matters

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