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Proactive Review Monitoring & Analysis From DigiDesk

How many of us check online reviews before making a purchase, choosing a provider or booking a holiday? According to research from Feefo, more than nine-out-of-ten consumers (94%) check online reviews before buying products and services. That’s a statistic that all brands should take seriously!

So, DigiDesk have partnered with top customer review sites, like Trust Pilot and Feefo, to bring review monitoring and analysis into our platform. That’s going to help you proactively monitor reviews, respond to them effectively and develop key insights from this important customer feedback channel.

Here are six areas where we can help you proactively monitor, analyse and respond to customer reviews:

1. Live Monitoring

Monitor customer reviews from a range of review sites, including Trust Pilot and Feefo. Track customer reviews in real-time with associated star rating and percentage of very good to very bad ratings, with a range of real-time alerts.

2. Sentiment Analysis

Every customer review runs through our sentiment engine, checking for thousands of positive and negative keywords, to calculate an overall sentiment score for each review. Sentiment can be tracked in real-time widgets and reports.

3. Text Analytics

Choose from a range of real-time widgets, such as word clouds, to highlight trending (positive and negative) keywords. Create and manage keyword tables, which match multiple keywords and phrases, to track specific topics.

4. Review Engagement

Set up and receive real-time alerts, based on specific criteria, and respond to customer reviews as and when they arrive from within the platform. An audit trail is available storing all customer reviews and a record of each response.

5. Data Overview

Access and review all the raw customer review data from within DigiDesk’s Data Overview. Users can filter the data by date, review type, review score, sentiment, or even specific keywords. Any subset of data can be exported in CSV format.

6. On-Demand Reports

A full set of reports is available to report on key metrics, sentiment analysis and a range of text analytics. All reports can be viewed online, as PDF, as CSV and can be set up as scheduled reports to deliver on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Proactively monitoring, analysing and responding to your customer reviews is now an essential part of protecting your brand reputation and improving your brand perception. If you’re interested in a demo of our solution, please contact your account manager.

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