Home Working and DR Solutions

Home Working and DR Solutions

DigiDesk is a hosted contact centre solution that provides excellent opportunities for flexible working, home working, and DR solutions. Whatever the scenario, we can make sure agents are still productive and supervisors still get the MI they need to run an effective contact centre operation.

Within BAU (Business As Usual), DigiDesk agents just need a Chrome browser and a phone to manage contacts across voice, email, chat, SMS and social media channels. We can work with you to create multiple home worker and DR scenarios that you can switch between easily and without disruption to BAU.

6 Steps For Effective Home Working

  1. Agents can login to the hosted DigiDesk platform from home of any DR location, with a secure username and password.
  2. They can continue to manage and engage across all digital channels, to include email, chat, SMS and social media.
  3. We can seamlessly forward calls to an alternate home number or (dedicated) mobile phone number in DR scenarios.
  4. Contact routing workflow does not need to change and the agent experience will be directly comparable to BAU.
  5. All supervisor MI (Management Information), showing live customer contacts and agent performance stats will be as per BAU.
  6. The platform will continue to store a full audit trail of every customer and agent interaction, including call recordings.

To find out how easily you could introduce flexible working, home working or multiple DR Scenarios by working with the DigiDesk platform, please contact your account manager for more information.

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