Dynamic FAQs into Live Chat

Introducing DigiDesk's Dynamic FAQs into Live Chat

If you’re looking to encourage self-service, with an intelligent support option, we have the perfect solution through DigiDesk. Our dynamic FAQs module has been developed to encourage self-service but, if the question can’t be answered via FAQs, we provide a fully integrated live chat option to the customer.

The benefits

Our Dynamic FAQs module enables your visitors to find instant answers, without having to leave their current page, and without having to initiate a search request for relevant articles. Instead, we present relevant articles dynamically, based on web page content. This reduces site abandonment, whilst increasing contact deflection and customer satisfaction.

However, if the article does not answer their query, we can offer a range of contact options, across voice, email and chat. We can provide a unique contact number and email address, per article. But our Live Chat module is fully integrated, so that at point of answer, your agents will know every article a web visitor has viewed prior to the chat session.

This feature can help agents understand the nature of the enquiry quickly and significantly reduce handle time. By accessing further features, like having a preview of customer typing and having a range of auto replies available, your agents can reduce handle time even further and provide a consistent and effective service to your live chat customers.

Get Your Free FAQs Trial Account

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Get Your Free FAQs Trial Account

Book a quick demo and let’s get started

Seamless integration

By integrating these two modules within DigiDesk, we feel that your website visitors have the best opportunity to access relevant help articles and self-serve. But, if they do need to contact an agent, our integrated chat channel will provide the very best level of customer service. It’s a win for the customer and a win for the contact centre!
To find out more about our FAQs into Live Chat solution, please get in touch with us using this link…

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