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How To Manage Your Trustpilot Reviews Effectively

Trustpilot is a public channel and, as such, needs to be managed effectively much like public social media channels. If you get a positive review, you should respond promptly to say ‘thank you’. And if you get a negative review, it’s even more important to have the resource in place to respond appropriately.

DigiDesk has an integration with Trustpilot which enables you to respond automatically to positive reviews, allowing your team more time to focus on responding to any negative reviews that may come in.  Along with that, DigiDesk provides a range of powerful text analytics and real-time monitoring to help you manage your reviews more effectively.

Research shows that 71% of consumers are more likely to buy from a brand with a good Trustpilot score. And almost three-quarters (73%) agree that a good Trustpilot score makes them more likely to trust your brand. Here are the key areas where DigiDesk can help you improve and maintain a positive TrustScore:

1. Monitor Trustpilot Reviews in Real-Time

DigiDesk provides a range of real-time dashboards to track your review scores, key topics, sentiment analysis and text analytics. You can set up notifications and real-time alerts, based on review score or specific keywords within your reviews. You also get a supervisor dashboard that tracks the number of reviews received, the number of responses sent and your average response time.

2. Intelligent Workflow & Auto Replies

DigiDesk can automatically reply to positive reviews for you. We can create workflow, based on review score and / or keywords, to trigger a range of templated responses. We can cycle through a range of replies, with a random delay, to make that response look less ‘robotic’. But, this will ensure that all of your 4 and 5 star reviews get a ‘thank you’ for leaving a positive review.

3. Advanced Agent Engagement

For lower scoring reviews, you will generally want to route these to a team of agents. These agents can read the customer review and either craft a manual reply or choose from a range of templated responses. They have the opportunity to add notes, tags and then close the status. DigiDesk keeps an Audit Trail of every customer review, every agent response and has a range of reports to track performance.

4. Multilingual / Translation Options

DigiDesk can automatically recognise a review written in a foreign language. For example, workflow can identify a 5-star review written in French and automatically reply with a response in the native French language. DigiDesk manages over 100 foreign languages, with real-time translation across all of our analysis views and text analytics. Your agents can even craft replies in English and then ‘translate’ into the chosen foreign language.


In our experience, we are seeing the potential to auto reply to up to 70% of Trustpilot reviews. That’s 70% of your customers getting a very prompt response to their positive reviews. That saves your team time and allows them to focus on any negative reviews that may come in. By using DigiDesk, you are giving yourself the very best opportunity to manage the Trustpilot channel effectively and drive up your TrustScore!

If you want to explore how DigiDesk can help you manage your Trustpilot Reviews more effectively, please consider contacting us here to arrange a quick Webex.

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Fancy a 30 day free trial?

We’re offering a 30 day free trial of DigiDesk’s Tustpilot Review Management solution, with no hidden fee’s or obligations.