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How to manage WhatsApp for Customer Service at scale

The WhatsApp Business App was originally created for small businesses, with a low number of support requests. It is designed to be used on a single device, which is perfect for smaller organisations looking to manage a low volume of customer enquiries. But, WhatsApp Business also has an Application Programming Interface (API) for larger organisations, […]

UKCCF Midlands Networking Event

Our product director, Luke Porter, will be speaking at the UKCCF’s Midlands Networking Event on the 10th November in Leicester. Luke will be talking about Contact Centres and why they should embrace WhatsApp as a contact channel. WhatsApp has over 2 billion users worldwide. It is a trusted messaging platform, which presents a great opportunity […]

Creating Consistency Across Multiple Contact Channels

The key to DigiDesk’s success has been consistency; no matter which channel a customer chooses to use to contact your business, the platform offers a consistent set of MI (Management Information) and a consistent agent experience. Whether it’s a voice call or a digital contact, the Analysis and Supervisor Dashboard sections of DigiDesk provide the […]

Money Advice Trust choose DigiDesk CSAT for capturing Customer Feedback

MAT Choose Digidesk   The Money Advice Trust is a national charity, helping people across the UK to tackle their debts and manage their money with confidence. They support individuals, the self-employed, small businesses, the free debt advice sector and creditor organisations. They helped 140,980 people and had 1.87 million visits to their advice websites […]

Why Businesses Must Embrace WhatsApp as a Contact Channel

I was at a conference last week and the speaker outlined the opportunity for WhatsApp as a contact channel perfectly. He said, ‘my mum is on Facebook, my dad is on Twitter, my kids are on TikTok and Instagram. But, they are ALL on WhatsApp. That’s the opportunity that businesses need to tap into as […]

How To Manage Your Trustpilot Reviews Effectively

Trustpilot is a public channel and, as such, needs to be managed effectively much like public social media channels. If you get a positive review, you should respond promptly to say ‘thank you’. And if you get a negative review, it’s even more important to have the resource in place to respond appropriately. DigiDesk has […]

WhatsApp 24-hour Rule: What is it? And how to manage it effectively…

WhatsApp provides a fantastic opportunity for businesses to provide customer service at scale to over 2 billion users. But, it also provides a unique challenge to customer service teams – how to manage the WhatsApp 24-hour Rule. What is the WhatsApp 24-hour Rule? Essentially, whenever a customer messages your business via WhatsApp, a 24-hour session […]

Managing Customer Conversations at Scale via WhatsApp Business

Customer Engagement is Evolving People around the world use messaging apps to talk to friends and family every day. They want that same experience when they need to connect with a business. WhatsApp Business enables businesses to engage with customers in a way that’s personal, convenient and hugely popular. Two billion monthly users are on […]

7 Top Tips on using WhatsApp for Customer Service

Using WhatsApp for Customer Service WhatsApp is the world’s third-most-used social media platform, with over two billion users. It has more than double the user base of Facebook Messenger. But, perhaps more importantly, people like and trust WhatsApp and it’s the favourite messaging platform for the 16 to 64 age group. Research shows that 80% […]

Accessible CSAT Surveys from DigiDesk

Welcome to Accessible CSAT Surveys from DigiDesk Over the past few months, we have had a number of clients enquire about introducing WCAG 2.1 compliant CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) surveys. When you consider how important aesthetics are to DigiDesk surveys, this was quite a challenge. However, we fully understand the necessity to consider the needs of […]

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We’re offering a 30 day free trial of DigiDesk’s Tustpilot Review Management solution, with no hidden fee’s or obligations.