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Why Businesses Must Embrace WhatsApp as a Contact Channel

I was at a conference last week and the speaker outlined the opportunity for WhatsApp as a contact channel perfectly. He said, ‘my mum is on Facebook, my dad is on Twitter, my kids are on TikTok and Instagram. But, they are ALL on WhatsApp. That’s the opportunity that businesses need to tap into as soon as possible.’

WhatsApp has over 2 billion users worldwide. It is a trusted messaging platform, which enables synchronous and asynchronous conversations. It manages multiple media types very well, including rich text, images, documents, audio and video. It is not a public channel, but still needs to be managed effectively.

WhatsApp presents a great opportunity to engage with your customers, in the channel of their choice. But, there are some unique challenges to overcome. You need to set yourself up to be able to manage WhatsApp messages at scale. And you need to manage the WhatsApp 24-Hour Rule effectively.

This is where a platform like DigiDesk can help.

Managing WhatsApp for Business Messages at Scale

Through DigiDesk’s API with WhatsApp for Business, we can help you manage thousands of WhatsApp messages per month, across multiple teams and agents. The platform has a range of features, which will help you manage the channel effectively:

  1. Monitor WhatsApp activity, in real-time, through a series of wallboard views.
  2. Intelligent distribution of messages, across multiple teams and agents.
  3. Advanced agent desktop, where agents can review and reply to messages.
  4. Track a range of KPIs, showing messages assigned to each agent and their AHT.
  5. Full audit trail of all messages, replies and access a range of powerful reports.

Managing the WhatsApp for Business 24-Hour Rule

With WhatsApp, whenever a customer messages your business, a 24-hour window starts. Whilst the session is open, you can exchange unlimited messages with your customer. However, after 24 hours, you will no longer be able to reply to the customer message.

DigiDesk offers a range of features to help manage this:

  1. OOH rules, with automatic replies, to help manage evenings and weekends.
  2. 24-hour workflow, with automatic replies, to help manage unexpected spikes.
  3. Pre-approved message templates, which enable sending re-contact messages.
  4. Use of Chat / Message Bots to help manage common or iterative queries.
  5. Intelligent workflow to help identify type of query and manage more effectively.

Arrange a quick 30-minute Webex on WhatsApp for Business

We can help you source a number, hook into your Facebook account and get you set up and managing your new WhatsApp for Business channel fast. We offer a standalone solution for WhatsApp at a low cost. But, we also offer the opportunity to add more contact channels to your account in due course, including voice, email, chat and social media channels.

When you’re ready to embrace WhatsApp for Business, please contact us here to arrange a quick demo on how DigiDesk could help you manage the channel more effectively!

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We’re offering a 30 day free trial of DigiDesk’s Tustpilot Review Management solution, with no hidden fee’s or obligations.