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Contact Centre Automation

Our intelligent contact centre automation embodies a range of autonomous processes, developed to enhance productivity & efficiency.

Work Smarter With DigiDesk

There has been a significant rise in the adoption of digital customer service channels over the past eighteen months, and a lot of noise around the increased rate of digital transformation during this time. Revolutionise your contact centre and reconnect with your customer-base, like never before. DigiDesk’s intelligent contact centre automation facilitates working smarter, completing faster and collaborating more, to deliver an effortless customer experience across every channel.

Self Service FAQs

Encourage self service through our Dynamic FAQs module. AI can predict user queries based on contextually mapping web page content. Visitors are then presented with a list of relevant help articles, without leaving the page.

Chat & Message Bots

We can work with you to automatically handle iterative enquiries, reducing inbound contacts and agent handle time. Rules-based chat bots will handle simple tasks, freeing up your agents to focus on more complex enquiries.

Auto Translate

Agents can review comments in English, whilst switching seamlessly to the foreign text and, thanks to Auto-Translate, agents can compose replies in English before clicking the ‘Translate’ option to reply in the native language.

Trustpilot Workflow

Set up workflow to identify Trustpilot reviews based on score, language and keyword. You can then tailor an automatic reply for 5 star reviews or reviews that include specific keywords, across over 100 different languages.

Social Workflow

Manage social ‘noise’ with workflow to help clear Twitter retweets or Facebook tagged comments. Handle social ‘spikes’ with workflow to help auto remove and prevent agents being swamped with social mentions.

Smart Routing

Make sure every customer contact routes through to the right agent, at the right time, with intelligent distribution and workflow. Identify keywords and use SBR (Skill Based Routing) to direct contacts to the best team or agent.

WhatsApp for Business

Trustpilot Management

WhatsApp Solution

Trustpilot Management


Comdata improve client’s management of Trustpilot by 75%

In this case study, we’ll discuss why Eaglemoss chose to work with Comdata, and how, by using the DigiDesk platform, they were able to respond…

Money Advice Trust

Money Advice Trust choose DigiDesk CSAT for capturing Customer Feedback

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We’re offering a 30 day free trial of DigiDesk’s Tustpilot Review Management solution, with no hidden fee’s or obligations.

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Fancy a 30 day free trial?

We’re offering a 30 day free trial of DigiDesk’s Tustpilot Review Management solution, with no hidden fee’s or obligations.