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How DigiDesk helped Comdata improve their client’s management of Trustpilot by 75%.

How DigiDesk helped Comdata

In this case study, we’ll go through why Eaglemoss chose to work with Comdata and how, by using the DigiDesk platform, they were able to respond to Trustpilot reviews more effectively and benefit from advanced sentiment analysis and powerful text analytics.

Eaglemoss is the world’s leading partwork publisher and licensed collectable company, having produced, marketed and distributed more than 150 collections in more than 30 markets across five continents and 13 different languages.

Eaglemoss turned to Comdata to help manage their Trustpilot reviews more effectively and protect their brand reputation. They also wanted to monitor and analyse customer comments and proactively learn from reviews to aid overall service improvements.

Introducing Comdata

Comdata is a leading global service provider in Customer Management BPO with 30 years of experience. The company combines an international footprint with strong local expertise, with more than 50,000 passionate employees working in 30 languages across four continents and 22 countries.

Comdata has been managing Trustpilot and other E-reputation customer reviews for many years. Until now, this has been done natively within Trustpilot. However, Comdata has recently partnered with DigiDesk to help monitor, analyse and respond to customer reviews more effectively.

Why Trustpilot

o understand why Eaglemoss came to Comdata, and why they needed to manage Trustpilot reviews more effectively, we need to ask a more pressing question: ‘Why focus on Trustpilot Reviews?’ Comdata explains:

“We understand how important it is for potential customers to feel confident when buying from a brand. As consumers become more and more empowered, through sites like Trustpilot, it is crucial to manage and respond to every review as professionally as possible.”

“As a predominantly online business, it is even more important for Eaglemoss to manage their brand reputation online, increasing customer confidence and reducing scepticism as much as possible. Nothing does that better than a high TrustScore.”

Eaglemoss became a Trustpilot client in March 2016 and have generated well over 6,000 reviews. They have a healthy ‘Great’ TrustScore at present, but now that they are working with Comdata and DigiDesk, hope to drive that even higher in the future.

Why Comdata and Digidesk

Eaglemoss have worked with Comdata for a number of years, and, up until earlier this year, agents were managing Trustpilot reviews natively. Comdata suggested using DigiDesk’s Trustpilot integration to help monitor reviews and respond directly through the platform.

The DIgidesk platform

The DigiDesk platform offers a range of text analytics and advanced sentiment analysis. This helped Comdata to analyse customer reviews and generate insights from customer comments, which they could drive back into the Eaglemoss management team.

DigiDesk also offers powerful workflow, which can be used to auto-reply to specific customer reviews. For example, where we see a 5 Star positive review, a ‘thank you’ can be sent automatically… which allows agents to spend more time focussing on other reviews.

One area of concern was that Eaglemoss receives customer reviews across multiple languages. So, the team at DigiDesk upgraded their workflow to allow Comdata to send specific in-language auto responses across languages including English, French and German.

What were the results?

After moving to the DigiDesk platform, Comdata and Eaglemoss saw an incredible 75% reduction in average handle time. Their average response time came down from over sixteen hours to under four hours, primarily through automated replies.

In addition, Comdata has been able to monitor and analyse customer reviews in more detail and has been able to highlight a range of feedback and insights to the Eaglemoss team. This has contributed to a significant improvement in TrustScore.

Comdata and Eaglemoss will continue to benefit from the Trustpilot / DigiDesk integration and look forward to driving that TrustScore up to an ‘Excellent’ level soon. And we think it’s time that you joined them too!

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We’re offering a 30 day free trial of DigiDesk’s Tustpilot Review Management solution, with no hidden fee’s or obligations.