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Managing Customer Conversations at Scale via WhatsApp Business

Customer Engagement is Evolving

People around the world use messaging apps to talk to friends and family every day. They want that same experience when they need to connect with a business. WhatsApp Business enables businesses to engage with customers in a way that’s personal, convenient and hugely popular.

Two billion monthly users are on WhatsApp. Businesses need to meet them there for simple, quick and easy conversations. Our consumers no longer want to wait in call queues or wonder whether they’ll get a reply to an email. WhatsApp for business is the solution, if managed effectively.

– In a recent study, 76% of users surveyed want to be able to communicate with businesses through messaging.

How to Manage your WhatsApp Channel Effectively

Through DigiDesk’s API with WhatsApp Business we can help you manage thousands of WhatsApp messages per month, across multiple teams and agents. The platform has a range of features which help you manage the channel effectively:

1. Analysis & Insight

Choose from a range of real-time widgets to track the volume of WhatsApp messages, agent assignment and response times. Track sentiment scores, text analytics and key topics, across your WhatsApp channel.

2. Real-Time KPIs

Monitor a range of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), to include total WhatsApp messages, total assigned, total completed and performance against a defined SLA… all broken down by individual agent.

3. Agent Workplace

Our cloud contact centre solution enables agents to review WhatsApp message history, customer records, wider conversation history and any attributed notes. WhatsApp messages can be tagged and marked as completed.

4. Intelligent Distribution

Different WhatsApp messages (sales, support etc) can be routed to specific teams and agents, with the highest skill setting. Agents can manage multiple WhatsApp accounts and assign messages to different teams or agents.

5. Advanced Features

A range of auto responses and pre-prepared templates can be set up, with advanced options to send intelligent auto replies. Agents can easily select auto replies for increased consistency and speed of response.

6. Audit Trail & Reports

A full audit trail of all customer messages and agent responses is available, with a full set of agent and performance reports. All reports can be viewed online, as PDF, as CSV and can be set up as scheduled reports.

If you’re thinking about introducing a WhatsApp Business channel for customer service, please consider contacting us here to arrange a quick Webex and an overview of how DigiDesk can help you to manage the WhatsApp channel more effectively.

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Fancy a 30 day free trial?

We’re offering a 30 day free trial of DigiDesk’s Tustpilot Review Management solution, with no hidden fee’s or obligations.