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7 Top Tips on using WhatsApp for Customer Service

Using WhatsApp for Customer Service

WhatsApp is the world’s third-most-used social media platform, with over two billion users. It has more than double the user base of Facebook Messenger. But, perhaps more importantly, people like and trust WhatsApp and it’s the favourite messaging platform for the 16 to 64 age group.

Research shows that 80% of adults say messaging is an easy way to communicate with businesses. And 175 million people message a business on WhatsApp every day. So, it’s no surprise that nearly half of businesses plan to increase their investment in WhatsApp in 2022.

So, what are the key steps in using WhatsApp for customer service? And how can DigiDesk help manage the WhatsApp channel effectively? We have provided a handy list of our 7 Top Tips on how to use WhatsApp for customer service below:

1. Set up your WhatsApp business profile

A WhatsApp business profile includes information that makes it easier for customers to connect with you through WhatsApp. It provides more credibility for your brand. It can also set expectations for how customers can interact with you via the WhatsApp channel.

2. Let customers know how they can interact with you on WhatsApp

Offering WhatsApp customer service allows customers to reach you through a channel they already use and understand. But this only works if they know they can find you there. Set realistic response time expectations, especially if you serve an international audience.

3. Integrate the WhatsApp channel within your current digital team

Aim to integrate WhatsApp with your other messaging and support channels. If you already have a team covering digital channels, that team will be best suited to picking up and managing messages across the WhatsApp channel. Choose a platform that enables this!

4. Consider the use of intelligent auto replies

As with other digital channels, some customer queries are simple and repetitive. DigiDesk has the potential to help identify iterative queries and manage them through intelligent auto replies. This will buy your digital team time to focus on more complex enquiries…

5. Be proactive and send out messages that help customers

If you have customers that have ‘opted in’ to service updates, you can proactively send WhatsApp messages out to those customers and look to deflect inbound contacts. Potential examples include shipping notifications, appointment reminders and service status alerts.

6. WhatsApp supports a range of rich media options

Your WhatsApp interactions may start as simple text chats. But, WhatsApp supports a range of media, including images, videos, audio and even PDFs. This gives your digital team a real opportunity to leverage these media options to delight and impress customers.

7. Ask your customers for feedback on your WhatsApp customer service

When adding a new channel into your customer service mix, it’s important to ask for feedback. DigiDesk has a standard CSAT (customer satisfaction) module that you can integrate and monitor closely how effective your customer service efforts are…

If you’re thinking about introducing a WhatsApp Business channel for customer service, please consider contacting us here to arrange a quick Webex and an overview of how DigiDesk can help you to manage the WhatsApp channel more effectively.

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